My Dying Rainbow

The softness of her glance, light playing on her temples –
A beauty that’ll merge with the eternity of black.
Her violet radiance will stand when mortal signs crumble.
She’ll wear her peaceful smile and lay back.

Her aura envelops the room – bare and lifeless.
Her hands move to the rhythm of her heart.
The brilliance of indigo makes her face timeless,
Unforgettable, untouchable, soon to depart.

Serene as a mountain lake, blue and clear,
Pure and beautiful. She ever so slightly moves.
She knows no panic, no anxiety, no fear.
Her hum to an unseen God distutrbs and soothes.

Her love for life, her enthusiasm,
Masks the finality of this moment.
The dark green that keeps us in its chasm.
Her unconditional affection’s the only remnant.

She beckons me to come closer and sit.
Nostalgic, she talks of old times.
Her dreams, her losses, her fits and misfits.
In her yellow banter happiness chimes.

She does not seem of this world.
Like a blackhole she traps all she receives.
She smiles and waits for inevitablity to unfurl.
Holy she seems, orange clad, waiting to leave.

She’s ebbing away like the red sun at twilight.
She smiles sweetly and requests me to go.
Her spirit within me, complete, I leave with a sigh.
Undisturbed by pretension lays my dying rainbow.

A double rainbow

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9 thoughts on “My Dying Rainbow”

    1. Wow! You are probably my biggest fan if you remember this. Yes, it was back in 2003, 11 years ago! But I would prefer ‘…when you were youngER’, thank you very much. πŸ˜› Love you.


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