Pay the Piper

You are following me, aren’t you? I can see you. The black SUV with the tinted windows; swerving behind that Volkswagon. Those xenon headlights. You are not even trying to be discrete. You want me to know I am being followed. I am not scared. Follow me all you want; I am not worried. Nope. Not me. Palms are clammy. Are the vents open? Yes. A 120 zone. Great. Happy to leave Montreaux behind. Damn traffic. It’s just 5 and so dark. God, I hate winter. Try to keep up with me now! I know where the radars are. They keep changing them, but I know these roads so well. Life on the fast lane. 130. Overtaking. Still there I see. I knew you were following me. What kind of plates are those? Weird. 140. 150. Don’t panic. Get out of the way, you Bernois! Can’t you see me? Move, move, move your Nissan. Enfin! You are still here. Right behind me. Why? I didn’t do anything wrong. I mean it’s common practice here. They all do it. Wine, dine, deal. Geez, everyone is so sensitive these days. 160. Radio time. I am not worried. Couleur 3. That’s my so…Maria calling. Ok. Not a good sign. I need to take that. Your damn headlights. I can’t see anything. Changing lanes. Looking right. No. It can’t be.


By Staff Reporter Nov 13. The peace in the Swiss countryside was shattered on this crisp, bright morning. A naked body of a young white man has been found in the woods near the village of Châtel-St-Denis, close to the border between Canton Fribourg and Vaud (Waadt). A local resident, who wishes to remain unnamed, discovered the body at about 8am and alerted the authorities. The police are yet to identify the victim. But they are confident that…

Trio no. 4

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