End of Days

night indoors fire candles 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_10

Cold that creeps in through the cracks
Chills the bones and dries the eyes
Candle flickers in the sway of the breeze
Light plays on my distresses
Darkness silences my fancies

Orange firmament of laden clouds
Silent witness to the drama beneath
Of breaking hearts, broken homes
Longing thoughts, far-away hopes
They shed their tears to hide mine

No pictures in the frames
Black squares speak of no memories
People now live in my dreams
Voices come from nowhere human
Music plays on, as it always has

Old scars healed and new ones form
Is there ever an escape?
It is time to put the candle off its misery
And switch off the mind
It is time for a requiem.

In response to Salad Days. Feel like brooding today, even though the prompt is basically a happy one. I am just glad I follow happier people.


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