Tales short or long
Happy or forlorn
Need a teller –
A mighty seller
With conviction and integrity
With no doubt in the face of reality
That many may not fully comprehend
The depth of their thought and further pretend
To be expert critics and all the while
Must still shape their skills using a nail file
Made of truth and perspective
No matter how weird or gross or barren or defective
Their version of the events related appear
This receiver will in the end revere
Those tales and tellers that echo with resilience
Aged perhaps but without any lost brilliance
About what was/is and will always be the real truth
As one human saw it and dared to put
It in words
Not caring if they be loved or spurned
So be brave and tell your tales
There will be at least one happy, even if it all fails,
So what, even if it is yours.

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