Fresh(ie) Memories

At the turn of the Millennium
I decided what I had to do –
I chose to study Life
And become a Philosopher of the minute

I speedily devoured text
Figures and numbers many
To regurgitate when asked
The litany

But I had no other worries
My chores were few
The bores although many
I had nothing to rue

Later but always too soon
It was time to advance
To leave my nest and face the rest
Of the world to take my chance

Papers filed and Stamp collected
All in order and set to begin
An adventure that made
All else, until then, seem triflin’

Destination reached, one day
In August cold
I had to settle in and
Make a home once more

Every moment spent in awe
Sights and sounds so new
Nothing mundane or tiring
Until I got my first flu

I knew no one
And no one knew me
I read of a Student Practice
I had never heard of a GP

Hobbling, Huddling
I made it to the street
Shivering, coughing
The doctor I did meet

Nothing to worry
Seasonal flu
‘You come from India?
Ah! You are new!’

I got better soon
With the pills, soups and teas
I was on my feet and ready to meet
My semester with a smile and ease

I called home to check-in
Only after I was cured though
The folks worry and suffer (for me)
Whereas they’ve taught me to endure


Inspired by prompt


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