New series: Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#1)

This is the first post in a new series that I am starting, called: Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband

Mr. Pink is the pseudonym I have given to my husband. He does not wish to be recognised or associated with this blog in any manner that can be traced by the powers above. He’s easily spooked by Privacy issues. He’s like a cat that way. Mr. Pink is in no way a reference to Reservoir Dogs or Steve Buscemi. It’s what popped in my head the first time I was going to refer to him in this blog and well, all I could think of was that he is so pink. He, on the other hand, suggested to me a lot earlier that if I were to ever refer to him here then he should be called ‘Rouli’. To be pronounced Rooli. I cannot and will not divulge the reason behind the choice of this name, unless in a session with an over-priced therapist. I refuse to use it.

Coming to the point of these posts, the raison d’être: Mr. Pink makes me laugh. Everyday. He’s so accidentally funny. He realises only afterwards the implications of his words. I am not the only person to think so either. I think his (in)famous one-liners and amusing musings deserve a platform of their own – to be unleashed; to be free to affect and infect the rest of humanity. Or just the sweet people who read my ramblings. He’s too apathetic to invest in his own space and so I am providing him some of my own.



Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband #1

This happened 2.5 weeks ago when I had just started blogging. I was discovering WordPress while chattering excitedly about how some bloggers had liked my post. Mr. Pink who had been paying attention and looking at the computer screen suddenly said, 

That’s my favourite part of your blog: the Stats Page.

*Death stare*

Gee. Thanks for the support hon.



Let me know if you know someone with a talent for accidental humour.



24 thoughts on “New series: Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#1)”

  1. People say my husband is funny, his students say he his funny but unfortunately I just do not get the British humour…I have probably watched Friends and Save by the Bell for too long 🙂

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    1. Ah! Interesting point. I grew up with American television too, back in India. Hmm, but I guess it’s the British education that has helped me appreciate the nuances of British humour. It’s always so clever and ironic. Jolly good fun, I say *she said in a mock Oxbridge accent*

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      1. Interesting comment…I had a British education from from primary all the way to University but I still do not get it…or when I do get it I am about 10 seconds late to project laughter and then everyone will look at me as if saying “love you are a bit late”. My son is always saying “mummy you need to keep up” because my reaction is like “what’s so funny?”

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  2. OHK! Mr Pink’s quite the cheerleader I see! Even I recognise his superlative potentials down to a ‘t’! The horror! LMAO!

    I enjoyed reading this and I totally agree Mr Pink’s got a lot more to offer the world! Come thither outta thy doghouse nay safehouse Mr Pink and shine like the star that thou art! You can show him this bit Sammie, perhaps he’d bite?! What d’ya say??? LOL


    1. Hahaha. The poor chap doesn’t do it on purpose and that makes it endearing. It stops me from getting mad though. I will get him to read your challenge. But knowing him he won’t bite. He’s a happy cat. Completely unaffected by the world.:D

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      1. A happy cat completely unaffected by the world ei?! That smarts, Sammie and I can totally live with that! Trust me! *laughing*

        The fact that he doesn’t do all of that on purpose is pretty commendable! If you’ve got it, you’ve got it! Effortlessness becomes you and nothing at all beats being original! Kudos to you both! LOL

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    1. Some more? You ask for some more? Yes. I will be posting more as time goes by. I have been secretly noting down his wise words for a week now and I regret for not having started this years ago. He has no idea what I have done. Well, he can go check my Stats page.

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