Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#2)

This is the second post in the series that got more support than expected! Thanks all.


Mr. Pink has a sports injury. He has to undergo physiotherapy and has sessions twice a week. After one of his sessions,

At home

Mr. Pink [sheepish grin]: You are not going to like this.

Sam [stops watching TV and turns]: What? (thought bubble reads “…did you do now?”)

Mr. Pink [smiling sweetly]: The physiotherapist was stretching the leg and she had it raised up against her [gesturing as though hugging and leaning against a skinny tree trunk]. She asked me to bend my foot. I didn’t get how to do it. She explained what she meant. And I said, ‘Oh! You mean you want me to scratch behind your ear with my foot!’ [a proud wink]

Sam [amused]: Hm. So you were flirting with the old physiotherapist?

Mr. Pink [knotted brows]: No. You are wrong.

Sam smiles

Mr. Pink: She was not old.

Sam stops smiling.

That is not the part of the sentence you should be correcting hon.


Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did not. Let me know.

As a side note, I will not be posting for the next few days but will hopefully still be able to read your lovely posts. Have a happy weekend all you beautiful people.  


8 thoughts on “Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#2)”

  1. My sympathy goes to Mr Pink. When I broke my foot, I was relieved it wasn’t a tissue injury…especially as on account of the pain, I figured it would have been major with months of physio if not for the rest of my entire life. Hmm…he could have found an old battle-axe of a physiotherapist though. Have a great holiday and Happy New Year xx Rowena

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    1. I am glad your injury wasn’t too bad. Mr. Pink suffered for a while but he’s back in form now. He changed his hours and got stuck with a man for his final few weeks 😀 All’s well that ends well. Happy new year to you too!


  2. Hahahahaha! However can you top that Sammie?! I mean, after that lil encounter, I’ll bet you’d be a pretty regular ‘unwanted’ guest at every session he has planned up! I know I would! Despicable me! *evil grin*

    Mr Pink’s a total crack-up for sure, just as much as you are by golly! You make such a dandy pair! LMAO!


    1. I didn’t care enough to check in on his next appointment. It”s because Mr. Pink can’t flirt to save his life. He doesn’t know how. Unless he tells me his physiotherapist loves beer and football I have nothing to worry about. And knowing him he’d tell me if she did. He can’t lie/keep secrets to save his life either. LOL

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