Sweet Mandarin

Mr. Pink's first car, second love and third home: Mandarin (Nissan Micra 1999 model)
Mandarin – Mr. Pink’s first car, second love and third home (Nissan Micra 1999 model) This picture was taken on the last evening she spent with us sometime in July 2013 (c) Sam Rappaz

The day he told me about you
I remember fondly
His eyes shone with pride
And he smiled so gladly

He then cheekily admitted
That you were Salmon in colour
I said, ‘So fun! But in Switzerland
That could lead to murder!’

One evening soon after
He brought you home
We marveled at your orange-ness
And your barely silver chrome

You were his getaway car
With goods and garbage galore
Food, coins, CDs, plastic, paper
Sports-gear, umbrellas, sunglasses and more

He stuffed his 6 foot 3 frame
In your tiny chassis
Raving animatedly to 80’s disco music
In his suit and tie – very (not) classy

You announced his presence
Each time he took you out
There goes ‘Rapz’ people would say
And point and smile and shout

Around the Alps and back
Germany, France, Italy and Spain
You took us everywhere
In hail, snow, sun and rain

We called you Mandarin
You were sweet and bright
With enough tart for us not to forget
That you could fall apart overnight

He knew you were dying
He said it softly to me once or twice
I refused to really listen
Your death took me by surprise

You grew old with us and that’s ok
But the laws are terribly strict here
The garage-man had bad news
It was just as we had feared

You were all rust inside it seems
And there was a hole under our feet(!)
Brakes barely worked; at the inspection
No criteria you would meet

You were our first real treasure
You were with us all the way
But we had to let you go
We had no choice or say

We handed you over to the garage-man
We don’t know what happened in the end
Whenever I pass by salvage yards
My eyes moisten and I look for my friend

Originally written in response to weekly photo challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten
Easily repurposed as a response to Daily prompt: Gut feeling

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