Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#4)

Mr. Pink likes to make new words – portmanteau in form. He calls them mot-valise (suitcase word). He appreciates efficiency and comedy and what better way to achieve both than to combine two words of different meanings to serve one purpose and that also sound funny.

Here’s one of my favourites that is now a part of the Rappaz household argot, in its various forms,

A bad photograph is to be called a Photocrap™ and its taker a Photocrapper™. If you are in the process of taking Photocrap™ on purpose then you can say you are Photocrapping. This can also be used as a way to tease another person who you know takes bad photos or uses Instagram endlessly and needlessly – ‘Dude*, Stop photocrapping and let’s go.’If you find that you have taken a Photocrap™ by accident then you can say you have photocrapped and upon review of a photo-session if you find nothing but Photocraps™ then you exclaim thus, ‘I have photocrapped all over the place!‘.

*Not gender specific

Go ahead and use the word. Just think of the Rappaz’s fondly when you do.

For more from Mr. Pink, read the series here.

2 thoughts on “Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#4)”

  1. Photocrap makes a whole world of sense Sammie! Its not only funny, but strangely, it does work! ‘I just ‘photocrapped’ all over the place is a winning phrase! I love it! The mighty talented Mr Pink sure knows how to whip up ’em new words, he’s got mad skills and swags! Oxford dictionary and compilers oughta be notified immediately! LOL

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    1. We photocrap a lot around here! Yay! He loves English a lot – the language, the people, the beer and the football. He’s a fresh speaker where one cannot just make up words. English is just too much fun for him so he goes all the way.

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