Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#5)

I was cleaning and ordering our apartment when I found a paper bag with a gift that was supposed to have been picked up by X, Mr. Pink’s best friend, a zillion years ago. I had reminded him, to remind his buddy about it, a fair few times. Now that I saw it at home, collecting dust, the voice in my head screamed ‘KILL!’. Instead, I questioned him as any evolved being who wants to avoid bloodshed would – with undisguised irritation.

Mr. Pink: I asked X. He said he would take it.

Sam: Are you making things up just because I am angry?

Mr. Pink [laughing]: I would never do that. I’ll always tell you the truth to get you angrier.

There is no winning with this one, is there?

For a background and more from the series which showcases my husband's genius ways, click here and here.
P.S. I have used at least one word starting with every alphabet. 'X' has a definition but is it a word? Probably not. I didn't know where, in the narrative, I could insert the word 'Xerox'. *Lightbulb* The postscript perhaps? I say it counts!

14 thoughts on “Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#5)”

  1. When he gave you that rejoinder, I’ll bet your irritation fizzled away and in its place, wonderment perhaps at the antics of ‘the’ Mr. Pink! *laughing*

    He sure knows how to get his silly on and does it so well too! Nice one Sammie, this series sizzles piping ‘hawt’! LOL


    1. Yeah. You’re right. I did actually smile and then quickly steal away to note down the incident in my tiny notebook for posting later.

      Thanks for liking the series so much. Makes me super happy! 🙂


    1. In my first post in the series I wrote that Mr. Pink came about when I had to refer to husband for the first time on the blog and my instant thought was that he was ‘pink’. He’s rather pink in colour most of time since he’s very warm-bodied and I find him having hot flashes in winter. Incidentally he’s also the only man I know whose favourite colour is pink and the brighter the better. Funnily enough he is rarely embarrassed and I have never seen him blush which is remarkable because he has said and done horrendous things in public! 😀

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