To achieve… Picasso’s prolificacy

I first saw Picasso’s works in Vienna, then extensively in Barcelona and finally when I went to Málaga – the artist’s birthplace. There, in the Museo Picasso Málaga, I think l finally connected with him. The art felt personal and the presentation intimate. I understood Picasso’s message and creative process better. Around corners, printed on walls, were words by Picasso on the philosophy of creating art and his love for all craft. I took a photograph of the words that, I felt, were sitting there just for me to read them. They resonate with the current journey I am on: rediscovering my love for writing through blogging. I worried when I published a post –

 Is it all I wanted it to be? Could it have been better?

Picasso's words as found on the walls of Museo Picasso, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain.
A photograph of Picasso’s words as found on the walls of Museo Picasso, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain (2014). Brassaï (pseudonym for Gyula Halász) is a famous Hungarian photographer (among other things) who lived in Paris during the 20th century and photographed many famous artists, including Dali, Matisse and of course Picasso. The book ‘Picasso and Company’ is a collection of his conversations with Picasso and a few other artists.

I don’t worry anymore.


5 thoughts on “To achieve… Picasso’s prolificacy”

  1. I haven’t seen much of Picasso’s work, but I love Van Gogh, maybe for the same reason…he produced even more words for us to read, than he produced art…and the words and art…are fascinating.


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