Times when my heart got so lonely that I could scarcely breathe,
When there seemed to be more air than water in my body,
And there was no more space left for space,
I found myself remembering you.

There was a time when you needed me.
When you thought that this life wasn’t worth your while,
Without my smile to erase the pain,
You found yourself wanting me.

A word unspoken but monologues later,
Sand trickled through the pores of time,
The glass blurred and the nights grew longer,
We found ourselves wandering.

Unheard went the cries those nights.
Too much Space for space now.
I don’t remember you.
You no longer want me.
We wander.
We wonder.

Despair (Edvard Munch, 1894)
Despair (Edvard Munch, Oil on Canvas, 1892). Featured image: also titled Despair (Edvard Munch, Oil on Canvas, 1893-4)

9 thoughts on “Us”

  1. Wow! ‘There was no space left for space’? However did you come up with that Sammie?! I love it! This is so beautifully worded! You’ve got a way with words and its mighty impressive! LOL

    This is such a heart-wrenching masterpeice of a poem! So glum and sad! When love turns sour! Now that’s one phenomenon that beats me silly oft times! How we tend to go from love-struck to perfect and complete ‘unfamiliar’, yet familiar strangers! Like the bonding never happened in the first place and we just will it far away! That’s a pretty uncanny stuff! Gruelling!


    1. Yet again your praise warms my (all red and sincere) heart.

      It strikes me silly as well, how our lives get entangled so intricately with strangers but manage to extricate ourselves without an obvious tear (usually). It generates matter for art though. 🙂

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