We are surrounded

By vast expanses of fear

We will persevere

Storm coming in over the Adriatic Sea (as seen from the Italian coast)
The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen (captured over the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Slovenia)
I loved the drama of that evening (also the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Slovenia and you can see the Italian coast on the other side)
The most beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea at its best on the island of Porquerolles, France.

I realise that the haiku and the seascape photos don’t entirely match in their sentiment but there is a two-fold connection: a. I love being by the sea though I have aquaphobia and I do have to fight back anxiety in order to be near a large body of water and b. even though I am many miles away, separated by many seas, my heart is in mourning with my brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Thank you Cee for another great challenge. For more entries of Landscapes or Seascapes please visit Cee's page here.

19 thoughts on “Solidarity”

  1. These are all great pics, but I like the 3rd one best, for the pattern in the sky repeated by the ripples on the sea and the tiny white boats for perspective. Marvelous. BTW, I’m still looking for signs of your unintentional pedantry, but have not seen any yet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tom. I have different and equally nice memories associated with each of those photos and so I really can’t be objective :). I like ’em all.
      As for my pedantry, it’s more of a character flaw that turns up in my everyday life. You’re right, it hasn’t really materialised in my blog as of yet. I don’t rant enough here but if I may, please search for Dan Brown using the search option in the blog. Maybe that will help? 🙂 I should start complaining more I think.


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