Golden hues of Andalucía (Weekly photo challenge: Yellow)

I travelled from far

To discover your warm earth

Enveloped in gold

Moorish lamp (Malaga)
Oranges in the yellow sun (Seville)
Plaza de España (Sevilla)
Yellow happiness (Sevilla)
Bright little courtyard in Alcazar (Sevilla)
Malaga Cathedral as seen from Castle of Gibralfaro (Malaga)
Golden magnificence inside Malaga Cathedral
The gothic art of the Sevilla Cathedral
To me, Yellow means Spain.

22 thoughts on “Golden hues of Andalucía (Weekly photo challenge: Yellow)

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    1. I completely agree! I had been saving this mini-series after the holiday and had been wanting to do a Yellow post because I was tired of the grayness I was seeing everywhere. As usual, WP read my mind and made me super happy by asking everyone to share their Yellows. 😀 Brilliant!

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    1. I am not a photographer in any sense except that I take photographs using a digital camera. Rather like all of us. I don’t even own Photoshop. So what you see is how it was, more or less. I use a filter/auto setting on the camera that I think appropriate at the time. PS: I am still to learn about ISO and all that jazz. :-/


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