Spice stories in photos and haikus

Red chilli cumin

Coriander black pepper

Turmeric mustard

My basic spice box for curry
My basic spice box for curry

Heat trickling anew

Memories of sensation


Chilli sauces
Chilli sauces

Warmth: Nothing is as warmly delicious as a good curry or as infernally dramatic as a hot chilli sauce!

18 thoughts on “Spice stories in photos and haikus”

    1. Loved the post. Thank you for sharing! Next time I am in England I know where to get my fix 🙂
      Here’s a post I wrote about curry some time back… tokillamimingbird.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/evolution-gave-you-hands-for-a-reason-and-it-was-to-cook-and-eat-indian-food/


    1. Is Iran really the no.1 country in spices? I always thought it was the South and South-East Asian countries that dominated in that respect. I was taught that most of the spices were exported from there to the Middle-East and Europe. I would be keen to read your source 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments 🙂


      1. I confirm 1 million times, that South if Iran of mountains is the ultimate spices. I did tried few times and I had to sing don’t cry for me. Middle East the majority of time will win over food and its taste.


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