I am Off and On and Off

If you are reading this it probably means it’s too late.

no-conection-512I am off to a place where only the original meaning of the word signal remains.

I contemplated leasing a universal bus that allows me to occasionally travel to the blogosphere, but I finally decided it would be for everyone’s good if I contemplated some more.

A week only, dear friends.

I have scheduled a haiku to be posted each day till January 31st, dedicated to the year-end.

I would rather there be no post when the new year begins than have something show up that I created last year.

I hope I am, as you are reading this, giving my mental processes enough time and space to create and recreate.

I apologise to all the new followers and the scores of ‘liker’s from the past few days who I haven’t been able to thank personally. I will do so once I get back. You have all contributed to me receiving the ‘Elite’ Like badge which is another ‘feather in the cap‘. God I hate clichés!

'LEET' or 'ELITE' badge of Likes for Another Voice. Thank you for the most brilliant Christmas gift. You all are such lovely people.
‘LEET’ or ‘ELITE’ badge of Likes for Another Voice. Thank you for the most brilliant Christmas gift. You all are such lovely people.

That is my New Years’ gift to me: a tired cliché to motivate me to write about the relevant but rare; to write offline and off-line.

It has been a strange month. It brought with it many emotions: good and bad. All the good came from this blog; from connecting with you. Thank you all for welcoming me into your worlds, even if it was for a second.

I am already missing reading your wonderful reflections.

Please feel free to leave me your messages and I will respond when back.


8 thoughts on “I am Off and On and Off”

  1. Thank you for the like and follow! You have a beautiful blog here. I love the cover photo. Waterfalls are always stunning. What an awesome Christmas gift! I was super excited because my blog reached 1000 views a month or two ago. 🙂 Have a good vacation!


    1. OMG! I just saw that I had typed the same ‘wish’ twice! Haha! I didn’t mean to. I just got back for the mountains and looks like I am still a bit buzzed from all the oxygen in me 😛 I will get back to being ‘online’ tomorrow. Since third time’s the charm – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

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