2014-15 Haiku #2

Two thousand fourteen

I am grateful to you for

Two thousand fifteen

Life's like a box of chocolates Sam. Be grateful you were lucky enough that the chocolates were Swiss!
Life’s like a box of chocolates Sam. Be grateful you were lucky enough that the chocolates were Swiss! (c) Sam Rappaz

7 thoughts on “2014-15 Haiku #2”

      1. Hi, afterwards I saw you had scheduled some posts (doh!) I continued to blog in secret, though it’s not really secret since I publicize to hubby’s gplus account. Will be on a retreat for four days though from Thursday (no internet connection). Did you have a wonderful time?

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      2. Yep! It was very relaxing. I wanted to write but that didn’t happen. Best laid plans eh? I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble for blogging. My husband was surprised that I lasted so long. I wish you the best for your retreat. I am sure you’ll suffer (and I did at times) much less than me since you will be busy doing ‘something’ instead of watching the snow melt (which is what I did). I hope you had a great time on your break too.

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      3. It was very nice thanks, frustrating with limited internet connectivity (the more I write, the more I want to write 🙂 ) I didn’t get into trouble so much for that, as I did this morning in connection with last night’s post Wasting Time (why was this written, and for whom etc?) It’s just a poem!
        We were at sea and sand, I ended up finding some poetry shelves at the back of some random seaside shop and bought six poetry books, including Sonnets of Shakespeare 🙂
        I have a visual design course I am currently attending, and we are presenting on Thursday, so I may only have 3.5 days of retreat if I attend Thursday morning only. Am decided on what to do! Retreat / Present? 🙂
        Glad you are back 🙂

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