Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#8)

I am addicted to the money sinkholes that are Toiletries. I love buying creams, shampoos, oils, masks and such. Do I need them? I swear to you I do. Mr. Pink, on the other hand, doesn’t think so. He thinks I buy these myriad products because I am a victim of ‘marketing’ and have read one-too-many girlie magazines that have diminished my self-esteem. He rants because he cares. *cough* He’s right *cough*

He would also appreciate some extra space in the bathroom for his third unfinished tube of hair gel but I am sorry Mr. Pink: mama just needs that new Anti-Breakage Total Repair Extra DNA Hair Serum with Super EGF Activators. The Horror!Β The Biologist in me is crying right now. Just sobbing.

He has gotten used to me hogging up space, but it didn’t come as a shock when I heard him yell from the bathroom during our stay last week in a rustic home (read: dark and small bath-space).

Except, thisΒ is what I heard,

Why are you using Burger oil for your shower?

Huh? WHAT?!

Ya. This orange box on the side of the shower. This image looks like a burger. Or is it a kebab? What is this? It’s getting me hungry.


My interest was piqued. I had no idea what could make him shout this mid-shower. I entered the bathroom and asked to see this burger-based beauty bath product that I apparently use.

This is what I was handed:

Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub by Body Shop: The Argan seed within its nutshell, slathered in oil dripping.
Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub by Body Shop: The Argan seed within its nutshell, slathered in oil.



I no longerΒ feel as glamorous as I used to.

Body Shop = Burgers? Now that’s a NEW perspective! Thank you husband. I may just prefer it if you went back to generic ranting and stopped analysing my stuff!

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29 thoughts on “Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#8)”

  1. I laughed so much reading this that I was in tears…you have a wicked sense of humour! I cannot get enough of your blog, I just keep coming back. On a final note my Irish/Scottish husband is also perplexed by my ability to have so many products line up on the bed, waiting for me after a shower πŸ˜‰ He doesn’t get it that body cream is for body and foot cream is for foot…his logic “your foot is part of your body”

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    1. πŸ˜€ Mr. Pink is also of the same opinion as your husband. Also, he is an anglophile so I predict that he and your husband will get along famously.
      I am so glad you are enjoying my blog. It’s always so satisfying to read your comments. Please keep coming back. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh! The inequity of bathroom counter space! Me= 5 products.
    1. Hair&Body Wash.
    2. Deodorant.
    3. Shaving Soap (yes, the old fashioned kind with the Boar Bristle Brush).
    4. Tooth Paste.
    5. Contact Cleaning Solution.

    That’s it.

    Ellen has more shampoos than that and swears she needs every one.

    Ellen has more conditioners than that and swears she needs every one.

    I just don’t get it. Does her hair have moods? Does it need a change of pace so it doesn’t get bored and leave? What!?!

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    1. Oh my! Mr. Pink has exactly the same ‘type’ of products on his shelf. Nothing more nothing less- except he has a couple or more numbers of each in order for it to appear as though he needs ALL the same. It’s just so that I don’t end up taking up space on his shelf.

      I am like Ellen and YES our hair has moods. Of course it does! It’s at times dry (depressed), oily (needy), frizzy (angry), thin (emotional)… and many other things!! How do you not know this?! And also, the hair does get bored and leaves – that’s why the anti-breakage serum. Duh!


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  3. It Does look like a burger now that you mention it! I must be married to your husband, I am always hearing about all ‘the stuff’ in the bathroom (and indeed the rest of the house) that we need to get rid of. No we don’t, we just need a bigger house, perhaps? πŸ™‚

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      1. Exactly! My husband accused me only last week when packing for our holiday, you are such a hoarder. And not only that, I had to spend the Whole of Sunday cleaning out our bedroom and cupboards so everything has a home (I really would like the walls painted and it’s not happening unless all the boxes and bags are cleared). Which they are now πŸ˜€

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      1. I knowwwww! Argh! :-/ I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he pointed it out. It’s a nice product though. Ah hell! What am I saying?! It’s ruined. It’s burger body scrub now!

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