I smiled with you in your box of genius
I grinned with you for your equitable meanness
I snickered with you for your veracity
I chuckled with you for your tenacity
I tittered with you on your mischief
I giggled with you on being a misfit
I cackled with you at everyone serious
I chortled with you poking fun at the nefarious
I laughed with you for you made sense
I guffawed with you at the world’s pretence

I shriek to see you killed for your right
I howl at this wretched sight
I roar at the futility of their act
I scream for more to detract
None of these verbs to be followed ‘with laughter’
None as capable to cajole the young into politics hereafter

I salute you: Dessinateurs – Proprietors of the Funnies
You will always be alive to me. It’s me who morts de rire.

Swiss cartoonist: Chappatte
‘Died Laughing’ by Swiss cartoonist Chappatte (shared on Facebook)

36 thoughts on “#JeSuisCharlie”

  1. I also mourn with you. People who have no real faith in their FAITH only resort to such cowardly act. God help us to face this world where such wolves live disguised as humans.

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  2. Lovely poem. I feel sad about this too. Lived in Paris last year quite near there. Parents are glad that I am back in the UK. So sad.


  3. Beautiful tribute Sam. I studied a lot of French history and did a course on satire and cartoonists in the 19th century (Daumier amongst others). Political and cultural satire has been part of French culture for so many years! Sincere condolences to all affected and especially to the French people this is an appalling tragedy. Thoughts are with everyone RIP

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    1. Thank you Rosemary. I am impressed everyday by your breadth of knowledge. Well, we even owe the word ‘satire’ to the French. What more could we say?
      It is appalling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Thanks Sam I studied a lot of history have always found it fascinating. It’s hard to get one’s head around such an appalling atrocity – the “Je suis Charlie” movement is very moving and so important! Sending very best wishes to you and your husband and thoughts are with those affected.

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