The Swiss sense of humour

Example 1: Swiss men are hilarious

A group of Swiss french-speaking men, from the canton Valais, were on a flight with us; returning from what appeared to have been a drunken boisterous company weekend in the south of Spain. This is what we overheard,

Man 1: I had my dog’s tail cut off.

Man 2: Why did you do that?

Man 1: I didn’t want my mother-in-law toΒ find anyone happy to see her.


Example 2: Swiss cleanliness

Snowed in

We may bury your car under a ton of snow while we maintain our roads but we will always give you a shovel to dig yourself out!

Captured in canton Valais.


Example 3: Swiss town name

Bitsch please!
Need I say more?

A muncipality in canton Valais.


Example 4: My Swiss husband

Sam, why aren’t you writing down everything I am saying for your blog? I know I am being funny.

He is also from canton Valais. More of hisΒ genius ways can be found here.


Valais flag
Valais/Wallis flag. Now that we are married my Swiss canton of Β origin also becomes Valais which, according to my biased study sample and opinion, may just be the funniest canton of Switzerland.
Post made as entry to A Photo A Week challenge at Nancy Merrill Photography blog.

22 thoughts on “The Swiss sense of humour

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  1. I sure as heck LOVE Example 1! A most desperate measure I’d say at preventing the poor pooch from waging its tail gleefully! What an Ogre and I don’t mean Shrek cos he’s a much kinder and sensitive Ogre! He WOULDN’T do this, the horror! *rollingmyeyes* LOL

    Example 4’s wayy cool too! Never a dull moment Sammie, where Mr Pink and You are concerned! Nice, very hilarious one! Absolutely! LMAO!

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  2. Loved the bridges with the paintings on them, OH and we found out that there is nothing like Swiss truffles!!! We savored each one as we sat by the lake watching the ducks and swans, ooohh this is making me want to go back! LOL!

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    1. Yep πŸ™‚ Swiss truffle chocolates are delicious! My husband and I love the birds in the lake too we always try to get their attention but we don’t feed them. I guess that’s why we fail in being noticed!
      You should come back, when the weather lightens up a bit. Right now it’s grey and rainy and cold. Yuck!

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  3. We stayed in Luzerne. I loved the view of the mountains with a waterfall going down through the middle and admired the architecture of the houses, and the lovely artwork on your buildings in town.

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    1. Haha no. It’s my interpretation. The shovel probably belongs to the car owners and it had snowed quite a bit. I am sure that some of the snow around the car was due to the snowplow. I just found it to be a metaphor for how Switzerland administration works at times.


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