ROL: Reading Out Loud

Type transformed into tenable tones
Simulates sounds of intentions unknown
A co-ordinated sensory effort to catapult
The mind out of the orbit of reason
Out of season out of reach
Out every experience just to
Land securely but shaken
Demurely but unmistaken-ly
Inside the land of poetry
That dreams and talks and rhymes
Unashamedly; that walks and chimes
As the bell of factories of flesh
And grime and mirth and time;
Requires each and every one of us
To stop letting our fingers
Do the talking as they underline invisibly
The words on a page of philosophy
Our eyes intone inwardly. Stop.
Filling vacant dimensions of space
Allow aloud always
Witty words of varied verses
Sing the praise
Of a very human enterprise.


4 thoughts on “ROL: Reading Out Loud”

  1. I started reading out loud a couple years ago. When on a drive more than an hour, I bring a book and read to My Michael. At first it seemed strange but now I am quite good at it. It makes poems, stories and even nonfiction come to life. It brings out things you didn’t know were there. Great poem and great post!

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    1. Thank you Deb.
      I started reading aloud recently and just poetry for now as I am on a course. It never occurred to me to hear the words in the air and feel them. It does add an dimension to appreciating the written word. I am going to start reading aloud also what I write -poetry and prose. I have heard that it helps tremendously, especially non-fiction writing.

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