Expressions of love in Verona

Lover’s balcony
That inspires an expression

Verona, Guilietta
Juliet’s home, Verona, Italy
Love notes on the walls of Juliet’s home.

A lock and a key
To secure two promises
One: Love Two: Always


Locks of love, Verona
Locks of love, Verona

Brass and steel stolid
Cold metal substitutes for
Hot stainless desire

Locks of love -II




25 thoughts on “Expressions of love in Verona”

  1. Love it…It reminds me of the movie I watched with my daughter last year “Letters to Juliet” …found the storyline really romantic although the acting was a bit cheesy . May I now cheekily introduce you to my Love story πŸ™‚ ( today’s post)

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    1. πŸ™‚ I saw the movie only after we had visited Verona so I could relate to some aspects of the movie but yes the acting was too cheesy. Juliet’s home is a very special shrine though and me and my then boyfriend (now husband) left our love note on the wall. We’ll go back on some anniversary and see what remains of it. Which, bring me to your wonderful post – read it, loved it, commented πŸ™‚ Hearty congratulations again! You two make a beautiful pair.

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  2. I love the imagery of the poem. The brilliance of haiku is that you can create so much with so few words. I especially like third line in the second haiku. Great interpretation for love’s symbolic lock and key.

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