Lost & Found

‘To lose one’s identity’ suggests that
There must have been – a sort of ownership
Of self; a belonging to a band, a race,
A brand; a categorized face constantly
Possessed, framed to play a part on a screen.
The more one thinks, the boundaries shrink to
Reveal: that being labeled worsens
The sense of one, a blurring with the background,
A need to not keep an identity.
A rainbow in Black & White
A rainbow in Black & White

20 thoughts on “Lost & Found”

  1. Great to read another aspect of your “Voice”. It is interesting that lately there has been a real interest in encouraging children to handwrite as opposed to typing as it shows it helps the brain retain knowledge better. It must fire off other parts of the brain as you suggest. 🙂

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  2. Love it…sort of talking about moi 🙂 Lost and found-leaving my native island , where perhaps I was well known as a TV presenter, there I resented not having the privacy but when I came to UK I was lost because nobody knew me,I resented being unknown but now I’ve embrace being just me in a sea of other human beings where I do not get recognise… LOVE IT and sharing it!

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    1. Thank you so so much Jini. I am feeling a bit the same right now… I was a somebody and now am getting used a new identity. It’s liberating but also scary. Thanks for loving and sharing. It means a lot to me. PS: I am kicked that I now know a TV star. 🙂

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