Asymmetric love in a symmetric world

Alcazar, Seville.
Alcazar, Seville
Though symmetry can be pleasing to the eyes asymmetry can grab all your senses.


An informal ode to an uncharacteristic love

I wrote, in quiet symmetry of love and loss,
About the ineptitude of wisdom’s foresight.
One hears and sees but does not learn until one crosses
The path littered with shattered hopes. A light
glows and I divine thick patterns out of thin air.
This design will be positive because you can trace
Out the negative with architectural flair.
Your skewed beauty gives me courage to colour outside
The lines. Asymmetry now fills my life and this I find
To be perfectly in line with my girlhood dreams.
O Wonderful Anomaly, you make me lose my rhyme scheme.
Why else would I love you so dearly?

This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry and Daily Prompt: Cupid's Arrow.

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