Positive poetry / Happy haikus

Dark abyss invites; Late summer sun high lights up Leaves green glow yellow. I chose this photo from my library for inspiration: a moment captured one summer evening in 2020, during a walk in a nearby forest. I tried to remember how I felt at the time, what I felt, and why I took the... Continue Reading →

Dark fingers

Rubbing, I remember, your fingers, as you watched cricket, to see if the dark came off you (hoping it may come off me too). Heaviness, I remember, of your arms that I placed upon my thighs while I examined your fingers, my fingers. Knobby joints, I remember, from injuries from fighting giants (or was it... Continue Reading →

It took a while… I am back, with the world

Dear Void, It has been 5 years, 9 months, and 6 days. It has taken 2 quick births and 1 long death. I peeked into you, at random moments over this period. I found comfort in your quiet existence. I visited old friends who heard your echoes. I read their replies over and over again.... Continue Reading →

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