Vow to Behold – a poem on a lasting friendship

Girlhood period boys --
 Minor complaints
 Weighed heavy
 Like dew on white snowdrop
 Caressing memories
 Comforting echoes of life lived
 Reckless wanting
 Womanhood womb woes (men) --
 Now we are talking
 Grown-up stuff
 Made easy, forgivable, enjoyable
 Still your shriek shrill thrills
 Ears fill with electric talk
 Starts stops self-doubt
 Crushing living burdens
 Us, we lost and found
 Locked down, opened up
 My heart
 Silently cries happy tears wet
 My face pressed
 Into my hands I take
 You: My Friend-Sister-Soulmate.

I am lucky: I have a friend. This past year took a lot away, but brought us closer, and for that I am grateful. We’ve been best friends for more than half our lives. In the two years that we spent living in the same city, our relationship (like all great relationships) grew to exist beyond the constraints of space and time. So, while we haven’t hugged in more than a decade, I’ve never felt more loved.

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