Becoming a Mother these days

She believed she didn't want to be one. Her life focussed on work, on the run. At an earlier point she might have done The needful (if it had worked) but fate it seemed had none Such intentions. So she shunned The idea of a daughter or a son. Her heart forced to be hard... Continue Reading →

A common love

A voice I heard across the room for common Convivial cacophonous conversation: A deep boomy wave, rolling rumbling at Home in my inner monologues as though It had belonged to me all along. The vibrations of recognition so Subtle and mysterious that I had To lift my eyes from my text of intellect And turn right... Continue Reading →

Newly but deeply Swiss

The depth of the matter is this: home is Where I decide it is; where my head rests; Where charades is just a game for parties; Where the stillness of earth can still be moving; Where tears are not foreign and laughter is Recognised. The truth of the matter is, I am finally at home... Continue Reading →

A final acceptance speech made to share 33 blog sites

Thank you to everyone who has ever nominated me for anything. I appreciate it but this is going to be my last acceptance since it takes a LOT of time to make these posts. In case anyone ever feels like giving me another award please don't desist and I will accept it on an honorary basis.... Continue Reading →


At the crossing Of serenity and fear Of subtlety and the grandiose Of beauty and starkness I look upon and onwards To the new year As we spin around Again to see the changes We have come to depend on I hope to see changes I haven’t yet prepared for I resolved a lot I... Continue Reading →


Times when my heart got so lonely that I could scarcely breathe, When there seemed to be more air than water in my body, And there was no more space left for space, I found myself remembering you. There was a time when you needed me. When you thought that this life wasn't worth your... Continue Reading →

A Request for The Three Knots

According to Hindu wedding rituals, the act of marriage, akin to the exchange of rings, is sealed with the tying of the Mangalsutra, which in Sanskrit means 'Sacred Thread' ('Mangala' - sacred; 'Sutra' - thread). It is also known as Thaali or Mangalyam. It consists of a gold pendant with chains on either side, which... Continue Reading →


I had said Go away. I had slammed the door. In the fray Old wounds had pulsed sore. He had done the best he could From what he had learnt. But his worries had seemed rude. Of my anger he bore the brunt. Sitting then - cold chair, Cold air and warm tears. Were not... Continue Reading →

My Dying Rainbow

The softness of her glance, light playing on her temples - A beauty that'll merge with the eternity of black. Her violet radiance will stand when mortal signs crumble. She'll wear her peaceful smile and lay back. Her aura envelops the room - bare and lifeless. Her hands move to the rhythm of her heart.... Continue Reading →

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