If this was my last poem…

If this was my last poem, I should suffer immeasurably. I'd wake late in the day- there'd be nothing in the early light of collective awakening to record in cursive letters. I'd eventually lose my sight for irony and ecstasy in the mundane, then life would be perfectly uninteresting. The ream of used printer paper recycled for blotted... Continue Reading →

Twin beds

I lost my dreams in between these mattresses we share. The gap is pressed against my spine and I wake up feeling disjointed. Sensory elusion, recession at this gorge-made of bed sheet- marking our sleep, where dead cells accumulate. Vertical blinds open at one slat allow light through without interference to light the room in... Continue Reading →

Losing temper

I. I will always take offence, as though its taking is my right, in that one word I seek I believe to be the Rosetta Stone of your understanding of me. You should have never spoken.   II. But I don’t know what You had said for the fog to close in. It was white.... Continue Reading →

Though symmetry can be pleasing to the eyes asymmetry can grab all your senses.   An informal ode to an uncharacteristic love I wrote, in quiet symmetry of love and loss, About the ineptitude of wisdom's foresight. One hears and sees but does not learn until one crosses The path littered with shattered hopes. A... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Mother these days

She believed she didn't want to be one. Her life focussed on work, on the run. At an earlier point she might have done The needful (if it had worked) but fate it seemed had none Such intentions. So she shunned The idea of a daughter or a son. Her heart forced to be hard... Continue Reading →

A sonnet for Jasmine

A budding of white with green stalk so soft Like fetal fingers of a garden nymph Tiny drops of nurture push aloft The gentle scent creating soothing symph- -ony. Blooms reveal loudly notes in harmony To dress a maiden's song, to chant ancient Prayers in chains framed for gods, formally Presented. Bushes as aromatic bastions... Continue Reading →

Re-aligning the Hindu scale

For One to Three Forgetting the Two Hundreds to millions to a billion In faith that travels across Space and time, no dimension or scale Necessary to measure that Which comforts and heals. In belief they appear Perfect, not in practice - Forgetting there is a Two. Some others philosophise on The need to multiply... Continue Reading →

Lost & Found

‘To lose one’s identity’ suggests that There must have been a sort of ownership Of self; a belonging to a band, a race, A brand; a categorized face constantly Possessed, framed to play a part on a screen. The more one thinks the boundaries shrink, to Reveal: being labeled worsens The sense of one; a... Continue Reading →

The Do that I Do that I Do so, well?

My café au lait which is too foamy for its own good sits hissing by the side while I silently waste my time on Twitter to find out what's more important than Djokovic winning the Australian Open. People are sharing their blogs, inspirational quotes and there are other bits and bobs on there which on... Continue Reading →

Newly but deeply Swiss

The depth of the matter is this: home is Where I decide it is; where my head rests; Where charades is just a game for parties; Where the stillness of earth can still be moving; Where tears are not foreign and laughter is Recognised. The truth of the matter is, I am finally at home... Continue Reading →

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