Will be back soon: Gone Lookin’

Fear is a good thing[…]fear is what drives us to take risks and extend ourselves beyond our normal limits, and any writer who feels he is standing on safe ground is unlikely to produce anything of value. - Paul Auster, "Invisible" Dear Void, I have felt fear this past nine weeks. A lot of fear.... Continue Reading →

It is OUR loss

Voiceless art speaks volumes about a culture of courage. When made silent the message screams ferocious fear.   This is a shadorma which I wrote after reading the following quote, In this latest video, an unidentified man says Islam calls for the destruction of all idols. The museum worker was dismissive of this piety, saying the... Continue Reading →

Erasure poetry: Stranded

Here's my second attempt at Erasure Poetry which is a type of Found Poetry. My first attempt was just an abridgement of the text! I have used the text from 'The Voyage Out', the first novel by Virginia Woolf from erasures.wavepoetry.com. It's a useful website with a number of interesting texts (and poems derived from them),... Continue Reading →

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

I was born on November 8 2014. I weighed two pages and 1 post. I was 1123 words long at birth and I was just a big crybaby - ranting and raving. Many people came to hear me though I had nothing more to offer. My birth certificate hadn’t yet been signed - I hadn’t a name.... Continue Reading →

A Request for The Three Knots

According to Hindu wedding rituals, the act of marriage, akin to the exchange of rings, is sealed with the tying of the Mangalsutra, which in Sanskrit means 'Sacred Thread' ('Mangala' - sacred; 'Sutra' - thread). It is also known as Thaali or Mangalyam. It consists of a gold pendant with chains on either side, which... Continue Reading →

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