Vow to Behold – a poem on a lasting friendship

Girlhood period boys -- Minor complaints Weighed heavy Like dew on white snowdrop Caressing memories Comforting echoes of life lived Reckless wanting Womanhood womb woes (men) -- Now we are talking Grown-up stuff Made easy, forgivable, enjoyable Still your shriek shrill thrills Ears fill with electric talk Starts stops self-doubt Crushing living burdens Us, we... Continue Reading →

Positive poetry / Happy haikus

Dark abyss invites; Late summer sun high lights up Leaves green glow yellow. I chose this photo from my library for inspiration: a moment captured one summer evening in 2020, during a walk in a nearby forest. I tried to remember how I felt at the time, what I felt, and why I took the... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Mother these days

She believed she didn't want to be one. Her life focussed on work, on the run. At an earlier point she might have done The needful (if it had worked) but fate it seemed had none Such intentions. So she shunned The idea of a daughter or a son. Her heart forced to be hard... Continue Reading →

Newly but deeply Swiss

The depth of the matter is this: home is Where I decide it is; where my head rests; Where charades is just a game for parties; Where the stillness of earth can still be moving; Where tears are not foreign and laughter is Recognised. The truth of the matter is, I am finally at home... Continue Reading →

A final acceptance speech made to share 33 blog sites

Thank you to everyone who has ever nominated me for anything. I appreciate it but this is going to be my last acceptance since it takes a LOT of time to make these posts. In case anyone ever feels like giving me another award please don't desist and I will accept it on an honorary basis.... Continue Reading →

ROL: Reading Out Loud

Type transformed into tenable tones Simulates sounds of intentions unknown A co-ordinated sensory effort to catapult The mind out of the orbit of reason Out of season out of reach Out every experience just to Land securely but shaken Demurely but unmistaken-ly Inside the land of poetry That dreams and talks and rhymes Unashamedly; that walks... Continue Reading →

My first award – very inspiring indeed!

I am usually embarrassed by awards and praise so this is the most awkward post I've had to write. That does not mean I am not exceedingly pleased to receive my very first award on this blog. It means so much more since it comes from bloggers and intended to spread 'blog love'. I've been... Continue Reading →

A self-constructed ode to IKEA

To me it appears a perfect day Needs to start and end: Being cosy on my Friheten gray, Myskgräs warmed pulled up to my chest - Camouflaged in Brunkrissla sober Slån soft behind my head, and then a bit lower. Sipping tea or coffee or chocolate best From my Färgrik green in one hand, While... Continue Reading →

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