‘Hymn to Evil’ gives hope

Poetry heals me. It does so by letting me dissect my state of being through shiny, sharp word scalpels: Cutting open a wound in this case can be just as curative as sealing it. Recent events, not to mention the hell of a ride we all are on, made me want to read a poem... Continue Reading →

Limericks on being Indian in Switzerland

  If I had a Cent or better a Franc For every person who after they drank Imitated the Indian accent (As if it was sexy to be Saxon) I'd be richer than all these Swiss banks!   I come from a tropical land you see A country that's cottony balmy breezy Then you put... Continue Reading →

Sestina: The surprise of a lifetime

In an attempt to regain balance I almost Lost all control. The evening before I sat in my study Thinking of what I could do different and love More than my present occupation. My feet Twitched below the desk in fervent prayer or doubt, Either way I was beginning to kindle a soul-scorching fire. On... Continue Reading →

A Vicious Cycle

I tried my best to get out of the way Of his anger that was taught to be love, But the blows did not stop coming that day. The moment struck me--jolted me to say That he had gone too far. I was being tough, And it was my best try yet. "Get away From... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Mother these days

She believed she didn't want to be one. Her life focussed on work, on the run. At an earlier point she might have done The needful (if it had worked) but fate it seemed had none Such intentions. So she shunned The idea of a daughter or a son. Her heart forced to be hard... Continue Reading →

Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#11)

I am going to start a blog, like a support group, and name it 'My Wife's a Blogger'.   Mr. Pink is feeling neglected. I should feel sorry, but then he also (always) says,   Aren't you going to put what I just said on 'Mr. Pink's Hammersmith Blows'?    No! I am not! And it is... Continue Reading →

On why poetry could save me

There are moments in life, rare ones, when you feel intimately connected with the inanimate. You cannot believe that something that can't move -- as still as that pen that refuses to write your words for you -- has moved you. I had one of these moments last night. I didn't go looking for it... Continue Reading →

The Do that I Do that I Do so, well?

My café au lait which is too foamy for its own good sits hissing by the side while I silently waste my time on Twitter to find out what's more important than Djokovic winning the Australian Open. People are sharing their blogs, inspirational quotes and there are other bits and bobs on there which on... Continue Reading →

A common love

A voice I heard across the room for common Convivial cacophonous conversation: A deep boomy wave, rolling rumbling at Home in my inner monologues as though It had belonged to me all along. The vibrations of recognition so Subtle and mysterious that I had To lift my eyes from my text of intellect And turn right... Continue Reading →

Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#9)

Air travel doesn't scare me. I am rather used to it. But I always feel a little trepidation while take off and landing. After that I am as comfortable as a cat in a cradle. Mr. Pink is totally fearless. All he worries about when taking a flight is leg-room. Ah! The worries of tall... Continue Reading →

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