You are heavier

You are heavier (having eaten), pressing on my thighs, warming my womb from the outside; not so long ago it was yours—warming you. Your legs flailing, on either side, the constant rubbing of love; bent over old soft paper you design your world. The dark dense downy barbs on your head that always smell  ... Continue Reading →

Twin beds

I lost my dreams in between these mattresses we share. The gap is pressed against my spine and I wake up feeling disjointed. Sensory elusion, recession at this gorge-made of bed sheet- marking our sleep, where dead cells accumulate. Vertical blinds open at one slat allow light through without interference to light the room in... Continue Reading →

(A sonnet) For Now

So high above the land I love I glide With no wasted effort by me. Just wind That's heated below raises me to defy The laws of gravity. Seeing no sin Of man--only the open world as naked As fresh love--I use my skin to respond To the contours of earth, roughly caressed By blankets... Continue Reading →

Tears in Tanka and Haiku

Dry-eyed Your love has left me Visibly parched and cracked up Like the legacy That water leaves when drought strikes A land that was unprepared. Boiling emotions Salted to your taste, This condiment can surprise Even master chefs. Beware! It is mislabelled: Universal Solution To Confrontation, By misogynistic fools. You'll drown in these waterworks.  

Sestina: The surprise of a lifetime

In an attempt to regain balance I almost Lost all control. The evening before I sat in my study Thinking of what I could do different and love More than my present occupation. My feet Twitched below the desk in fervent prayer or doubt, Either way I was beginning to kindle a soul-scorching fire. On... Continue Reading →

Though symmetry can be pleasing to the eyes asymmetry can grab all your senses.   An informal ode to an uncharacteristic love I wrote, in quiet symmetry of love and loss, About the ineptitude of wisdom's foresight. One hears and sees but does not learn until one crosses The path littered with shattered hopes. A... Continue Reading →

A Vicious Cycle

I tried my best to get out of the way Of his anger that was taught to be love, But the blows did not stop coming that day. The moment struck me--jolted me to say That he had gone too far. I was being tough, And it was my best try yet. "Get away From... Continue Reading →

Glistening pretty, Dastardly tempting custard - Tarty Strawberry     Opulent spices Adorning seasonal cake - Luxurious comfort     Whipped white whispering Hazel syrup caressing Death by chocolate     A part of the post was inspired by One Word Photo Challenge at Jennifer Nichole Wells' Blog

Hammerblows by Mr. Pink, The Husband (#11)

I am going to start a blog, like a support group, and name it 'My Wife's a Blogger'.   Mr. Pink is feeling neglected. I should feel sorry, but then he also (always) says,   Aren't you going to put what I just said on 'Mr. Pink's Hammersmith Blows'?    No! I am not! And it is... Continue Reading →

The Do that I Do that I Do so, well?

My café au lait which is too foamy for its own good sits hissing by the side while I silently waste my time on Twitter to find out what's more important than Djokovic winning the Australian Open. People are sharing their blogs, inspirational quotes and there are other bits and bobs on there which on... Continue Reading →

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