Seeing “The weight of One Self”

"The weight of One Self" - marble sculpture of height 2.7m by artists Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, in Lyon, France.
“The weight of One Self” – sculpture of height 2.7m by artists Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, in Lyon, France.
I look at my limp
body in my arms and I
wonder who saved whom.
I can only hold
the weight of my own conscience,
talk the truth I know.
Never a hero
was made by saving himself-
Completely untrue.


You can read more about this philosophically forceful sculpture here.

Asymmetric love in a symmetric world

Alcazar, Seville.
Alcazar, Seville
Though symmetry can be pleasing to the eyes asymmetry can grab all your senses.


An informal ode to an uncharacteristic love

I wrote, in quiet symmetry of love and loss,
About the ineptitude of wisdom’s foresight.
One hears and sees but does not learn until one crosses
The path littered with shattered hopes. A light
glows and I divine thick patterns out of thin air.
This design will be positive because you can trace
Out the negative with architectural flair.
Your skewed beauty gives me courage to colour outside
The lines. Asymmetry now fills my life and this I find
To be perfectly in line with my girlhood dreams.
O Wonderful Anomaly, you make me lose my rhyme scheme.
Why else would I love you so dearly?

This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry and Daily Prompt: Cupid's Arrow.

Desserted haikus

Glistening pretty,
Dastardly tempting custard –
Tarty Strawberry


Strawberry tart

Opulent spices
Adorning seasonal cake –
Luxurious comfort


Christmas spice cake

Whipped white whispering
Hazel syrup caressing
Death by chocolate


Giant chocolate brownie


A part of the post was inspired by One Word Photo Challenge at Jennifer Nichole Wells' Blog

Wooden character

Observing reason
Logical cataloguing –
Dead man’s eyes deduce

Bearded Sherlock Holmes


Entry to Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge: Wood.

Physical calm

Heavenly fusion,
Elements combined within –
Nucleated peace


Entry to Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity
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Perceptive Goals

(c) Sam Rappaz

Slowly drop by drop

I will reach upside down but

Right side up for me

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Steps to Peace

The Kunsthaus Tacheles, famous Art Squat, in Berlin presented Art to me in a way that I had never experienced it before. Every inch of space was covered with thought and emotion.

I visited the place while it was still occupied by artists. The last of them left in 2012. The building has recently been bought by an American firm for $190 million.

I don’t know what’ll happen to it now.

I wanted to remember this building with its artists and the values it represented as one of my heroes.

Here’s a photograph of a flight of stairs within the building,

(c) Sam Rappaz
(c) Sam Rappaz, 2011

(If anyone can tell me what the first line is I’ll send you a big box filled with real love and virtual cookies)

Astutely deciphered by Beleaguered Servant within minutes of posting:












A good thought on Christmas and for the coming new year as well.

Entry to Cee's Which Way Challenge.

Day at the museum: Ways to be and not to be

Do's & Don'ts  at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (France, 2014)
Do’s & Don’ts at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (France, 2014)

In the exhibition rooms of the museum, everyone can: look, telephone, discuss, observe, eat, exchange, discover, laugh, run, marvel, smoke, hate, breathe, shout, rest, dream, reflect, touch, question, relish, photograph (with flash), imagine, [be] indignant, drink, wander, take their time, [be] moved, etc.

I love this poster we found at the Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon, France. It brought a smile to my face.

There’s always so much more you can do than what you should not.

I appreciate the small ways in which people try to reduce negativity, especially with notices that you wouldn’t particularly care to take note of.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Profile

Since my husband doesn’t let me upload photographs of him I found the next best profile…

A defiant looking chap, wet from the storm.
Please check out the other entries to the challenge here. There are some really lovely images to be found.


Lies reflect context

Are sparkling ephemerals

Like the morning dew

Dew drops on cactus

Haiku inspired by Daily prompt: Sweet Little Lies
The photograph is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle