The Voice Is Me

Hey! Thank you for dropping by. My blog is a work in progress, rather like me. I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember. But is it practical? Is that a viable profession?

Let’s recap: I was born an brought up in India; a bit all over, in a part Tamil Iyer (read: overachieving) and part Tulu Sherigar (read: hardworking and overachieving) household. So no, not a writer by trade. I chose follow a more brand worthy but equally precarious passion – research scientist in medical biology. Do you want to love me more? I have a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from the University of Zurich. And here’s the shot for the kill – I specialised in finding alternate, more effective treatment for childhood cancer. Awww. How am I not your favourite person? In all seriousness though, science is beautiful, amazing, frustrating and rewarding in ways that most people will never experience. I will blog about it all, so keep an eye out for that.

During these many years, whilst pursuing lofty academic goals, I didn’t stop reading. I couldn’t stop reading. However, I did stop writing. My creative voice got lost in lab journal keeping and note taking for experiments and writing academic papers, theses, emails, making posters, presentations, WhattsApp, Facebook (yes, I considered the latter two as ‘writing’; desperate times!) – aaaaaaaa! But now that the dust has settled, and silence abounds, I hear the calling. So, here I am with my limited vocabulary to talk about everything and nothing; be it about being an expat in a country I am yet to fully understand (shout out to Switzerland, y’all!), or about being married to a Swiss man, Mr. Pink, whom I am yet to fully appreciate (so he would claim). We will explore it all together. In prose and poetry…

An update (5-Dec-2014)

…and some very amateur photography that only recently started to share. I can’t tell you if anything I write or present is good (what is good anyway?) – all I can guarantee is that it’s from the heart. I write for me but I spellcheck  for you. But noting is prefect.

This blog has become a bit of everything I love: books, poetry, music, food, travel, science, family, general silliness, pensive moments and also seems to at times scratch the surface of troubling thoughts. It’s already been therapeutic, brought me closer to my family and it’s not even been a month. Have a look around. Maybe you’ll find something that strikes a cord with you. I’m always happy to hear from you, so drop me a line. Have a great end to the year and a fantastic 2015.



121 thoughts on “The Voice Is Me”

  1. Hey Sam! I hope this finds you well. I’m currently looking into possibilities to move to Switzerland and that’s when you came to my mind since I know you’re an expat there, too. So if you’re up for sharing some insights with me, I’d be very pleased. Just drop me a line:
    Thank you! It’s always nice to read your voice. 🙂


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