You are heavier

You are heavier (having eaten),

pressing on my thighs, warming my womb from the outside;

not so long ago it was yours—warming you.

Your legs flailing, on either side, the constant rubbing

of love; bent over old soft paper you design your world.

The dark dense downy barbs on your head that always smell

                                       a little bit of milk—acidic and sugary—

could tickle me for a lifetime.

A warm wind that belongs only to you

caresses my weatherworn fingertips as I break

your atmosphere to touch, ever so slightly,

your arm, your skin: velvet sleeve.

I remember it, warm and slippery

from the first time we touched,

the ferric smell of flesh and fresh life, and I still feel

the sweet ache of beings separate that were once whole.

12 thoughts on “You are heavier

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    1. I agree, Judy. The poem emanated from a loving, sensuous moment that I shared with my baby. It’s an amazing feeling to be enveloped by love. Thank you for reading. 🙂 I’m writing and editing professionally now, so I don’t spend much time here anymore. I do check in now and then – your comment made my day!

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      1. Thanks for explaining why you haven’t been around much. I’ve missed your posts but need to do as you do. I have four books I need to get published but I’m too addicted to the blog.. just so much easier to be able to post as you write and not go through the rigors of publication.

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      2. I’m actually doing technical writing and editing, so I really miss poetry. I make sure I read at least one poem a day, even if it’s just a skim. Four books in the coffers! Amazing! I hope you find the time (and the lucky publisher) to get them ready for the world 🙂


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