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It is OUR loss

Voiceless art
speaks volumes about
a culture
of courage.
When made silent the message
screams ferocious fear.

This is a shadorma which I wrote after reading the following quote,

In this latest video, an unidentified man says Islam calls for the destruction of all idols. The museum worker was dismissive of this piety, saying the militants “don’t care about the statues” but rather are trying to “send a message to all the world.”

Source: NPR Blogs (Remembering The Relics And Rich History Of Mosul, Before ISIS)
In addition to the article linked above I also recommend the powerfully resilient poem “dimensions” by John Flanagan.
Here’s how Iraq has responded,


My Favourite Things, Chorus (to end the series)

When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favourite things,
And then I don’t feel so bad.


Here’s the final entry for the chorus of My Favourite Things (from The Sound of Music) to conclude the wonderful series of Subjects from Songs, for Cee’s weekly Fun Foto Challenge.


When the dog bites

Dog bites can hurt. I was bitten by a stray dog when I was a child growing up in India. I was on a morning walk with my father and he stopped to chat with a neighbour. I kept walking. I turned around to see my dad talking to his friend, not too far away and then I spotted this scrawny black little dog who’d been following me. I love dogs and I always have so I stopped and faced him. I was a little nervous, to be sure and I gingerly stretched out my left arm to pet him. He got spooked and bit into my arm. I screamed and my dad came running. I vaguely remember what happened next: My dad rushed me home and washed my arm, and then rushed me to the doctor’s for rabies shots. I am now a proud owner of a canine’s canine marks on my arm. A poor man’s battle scars. However I’ve never stopped loving dogs.

I share with you a picture of a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner Sennenhund), a class of breeds related to the famous St. Bernard of the Swiss and Italian Alps. Senne is German for alpine pastures and Hund means dog. The Sennenhund class contains four working dog breeds. The breed in picture here is named after its canton of origin, Bern. This beauty was extremely friendly and full of love. She enjoyed the attention and loved being cuddled. There are very few things in my life that I would rate higher on the happiness scale than a good cuddle from a big fluffy dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog


When the bee stings

I have never been stung by a bee. I hope that it never happens. Their’s is the kind of beauty that I enjoy from a distance.

Passion Flower with Bee
Passion Flower with Bee


When I’m feeling sad

I can’t wait for spring!

I simply remember my favourite things

Here are the links to my previous posts for My Favourite Things series

Verse 1: Raindrops on Roses & whiskers on kittens…

Verse 2: Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels… (which was selected by Cee to be ‘Featured’)

Verse 3: Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…


And then I don’t feel so bad…

…to present the grand finale to The Sound of Music Tour.

What better way to end the tour than by visiting the church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married!

The church in the village of Mondsee in the outskirts of Salzburg where Maria and Captain Von Trapp were married in the movie.

Church in Mondsee
A peak inside the church. You should be able to recognise the altar from the movie.

Altar at Mondsee church

A closer view…
Altar in Mondsee Church

We see Maria’s long beautiful train from above as “How do you solve a problem like Maria” plays in the background. This was probably shot from where the organ of the church is located.
Organ in Mondsee Church


We know what happens next in the tensed climax of the movie. I will not ruin it for those who haven’t yet watched this wonderful and uplifting piece of cinema. I will instead conclude this series of posts by thanking the wonderful people at Panorama Tours in Salzburg, Austria for running an excellent Sound of Music Tour. I heartily recommend it!

Panorama Tour Salzburg
The Sound of Music Tour bus, Panorama Tours, Salzburg Austria

Thank you for coming along with me as I made my way through one of my favourite songs! I hope you enjoyed the ride.

My Favourite Things, Verse 3

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
Silver white winters that melt into springs,
These are a few of my favourite things.


We make our way through the third verse of My Favourite Things from the movie The Sound of Music. This post is my entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge where she’s doing a series on Subjects from Songs. You can find my entries to the previous verses in the songs by clicking on the respective hyperlinked texts: verse 1; verse 2. As usual I’ll be interpreting the verses in my own way.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Not really white dresses with blue sashes but don’t these ceramic columns look just as beautiful?

Blue on white ceramic fences of Plaza de Espana, Seville.
Plaza de Espana, Seville.


Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Fresh snow flakes on a blue car bonnet. They reminded me of clouds in the sky. They make me dream.

Snowflakes on a blue car bonnet
Snowflakes on a blue car bonnet


Silver white winters that melt into springs

Who is weeping I wonder: The earth, for it is disrobing its soft silken gown of innocence to flower or the snow, for it is met with a warmth that it will never appreciate?




And now we continue on our The Sound of Music Tour,

A view of the beautiful Wolfgangsee and the surrounding hills (unfortunately hidden by rain clouds) which are featured aerially in the opening credits of the movie.

Wolfgangsee, Austria
Wolfgangsee, Austria


The famous path down which we see Maria (Julie Andrews) dancing, running, skipping, twirling her guitar singing herself into bravery! I like to sing this song before any public speaking appointment or interview.

I have confidence in confidence ALONE
I have confidence in confidence ALONE


The front of the Von Trapp family home that Maria sees when she finally meets that massive iron gate. The villa is now a private residence and tourists are no longer permitted even on the path leading to it (the image above). There is constant security around here and our bus driver just slowed down just enough for us to grab some blurry shots of the house. I am certain the current residents are extremely annoyed with Hollywood.

Salzburg, Austria
The Von Trapp family home front


So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu…

Until the next verse, which will bring us to our grand finale.

Thinking briefly of poetry at 2 am

29 January 2015

2:19 AM

Dear Void

Are you able to sleep? I am not. I am here and awake and about ready to have an epiphany that I know will not come. Words are coming out as though they are the impatient commuters on the Swiss SBB CFF FFS rails; they have to get somewhere and get there on time. I don’t know where I’ll end up at the end of this ‘stream of consciousness’- type of writing but I hope it’s somewhere good. Somewhere more sleepy. Is this what happens if you read too much poetry? I am imagining writing a poem as a tribute to Yeats’ The Lake Isle of Innisfree. I want to make it about my home city in India. An ambitious project but the seed has been sown.

I will arise and go now, and go to Bangalore
       And a small lodging build there, of brick and concrete made;

And so it begins. That was the easy part and it helps that out of Yeats’ 26 syllables in the two lines I had to change just 8! A cheat you say. Yes, you are probably right. I will attempt the rest of this challenging accentual-syllabic poem tomorrow and see how far I get. That poetry class is paying off dear Void.

Now moving on to the poem that has haunted me ever since I read it:

(An excerpt from)
Acquainted with the Night

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain–and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.
I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped by eyes, unwilling to explain.

To me this is about depression and every time I read it my heart gets heavier. Damn you Frost! Damn you!
I don’t know why it should affect me so. I am not depressed, or am I? I am awake after all at some ungodly hour.

The winds are blowing heavy outside and the snow is orange under the streetlight. Switzerland can get mighty quiet. No person, no life in sight. There is naught but the brief howl of the wind as it gushes down the streets and around the buildings.

This blogpost now finally makes this space a personal blog. A place, to store my brain leakage and, then in a few hours when I wake up (ha!) to come back to be astonished and then embarrassed. I am sorry for you dear Void. You’ll be hearing a lot more of the post-midnight me. At least until I find something to put me to sleep. Poetry is not helping!

Here’s a random thought:
The first time I heard about the Oxford comma, which was here in WordPress, I thought it was a metaphor for the fleeting pause that is higher education in the larger academy of life teachings.

Hm. Eyes feel sore. Bed. Now.

A final acceptance speech made to share 33 blog sites

Thank you to everyone who has ever nominated me for anything. I appreciate it but this is going to be my last acceptance since it takes a LOT of time to make these posts. In case anyone ever feels like giving me another award please don't desist and I will accept it on an honorary basis. Although if you feel you need to see a post then sorry, that won't be happening again. I hope you understand.

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the bloggers who keep me motivated but this list of 33 sites is by no means meant to be comprehensive. To the nominees - please don't feel obligated to do anything about these awards. I am just sending out some of the love I have received here at WordPress. I've heard that it only grows when shared. What a curious thing!

Adored, admired
Liked, loved
Shared, showered
Accolades, awards
Acknowledged, accepted
Bloglove, blogshare
Aiming, ageing
Gracefully, giving
Back, but
Final, formal
Thanking, thinking
Happy, humble
Feeling fortunate.

1. Sisterhood of the world blogger award

Nominated by Saya at Saya..D..Poet. Thank you so much!



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Put the award logo on your blog
  3. Answer the ten questions they’ve set you
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Nominate ten people

Saya asked me just 5 questions, rather intense ones. You have been warned.

  1. Name a moment till now which has brought on tears of sadness or gratitude or happiness etc.

The most recent moment was tears of gratitude that I shed just past night because of my husband’s unconditional love and support. *Ick! That was tough to type.* I don’t do ‘corny’ well but the truth had to be told. He deserves more than just a page on this blog.

  1. Have you felt an incomplete feeling as to what you are doing is not enough? If yes, what did you do?

Oh yes! I feel that constantly and it adds to my anxiety tremendously. I am trying everyday to not to feel inadequate but it bothers me that I am not doing enough to mitigate this feeling. Irony: You make my life interesting.

  1. Have you ever had a chance to rectify a wrong decision on your part? If yes, what?

Interesting. I don’t know how to define ‘wrong decision’. I don’t regret my past choices since I am happy where I am in my life right now, generally speaking at least. If you want to know if I have wronged someone and tried to rectify it then yes and it didn’t go too well. People unfortunately hold on to grudges longer than what I would consider healthy.

  1. Have you ever done a crazy thing while in public? If yes, what and what was other people’s reaction?

I am very easily embarrassed so I try to be proper in public. *key word: try* I would like to think that I flirt with the line of what is appropriate but I am still on the un-crazy side of things I suppose.

Here’s something that I don’t consider crazy (and haven’t done so for a long time) but at the time that I did it I wished I had turned into water and just disappeared into the pavement: Kissing my husband (then boyfriend) in public. *Ha ha! Laugh away you.* For an Indian girl raised in a traditional Indian home it was a massive act of defiance. Something crazy. People’s reaction: The Europeans/Britons couldn’t have cared less. For all they knew I was water on the pavement. The South Asians gaped and still do.

  1. Have you ever been at cross roads in life where choosing any option over other was equally painful? If yes, what did you do?    

Saya, are you reading my mind? I am at the crossroads of my life right now. I am battling my many pro-con lists everyday and things are getting clearer but too slowly for my liking. *Ahem, answer to question 2 needs to be read again.* I don’t know what I will do but this blog will be updated with any (and all) revelations and epi-funnies (yes, that’s a Mr. Pink word. Do you like it? I love it!)

My nominees are some wonderful ladies I have met recently,

(Fearless) Natalie at Science, Books and Silly Things

(Factual) Science-y sisters (not their official name; just made it up now) at Faraday’s Candle

(Fotogorgeous) Desley at Musings of a frequently flying scientist

(Free-writer) Ameena at Randoms by a random

(Friendly) Nimmi at Soul mate’s – so near, yet so far

(Fantastic) Jini at La Belle Seychelloise

(Fervent) Betty at Pocketful of Joy

(Fostering) Rosemary at Le Chic en Rose

(Fun) Rekha at Window with a view

PS: Thank you for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Rekha. You can find my acceptance here.

(Forensic: because she dissects my poems artfully) Robin at Robin’s real life

My questions to you ladies,

  1. Do you like soap operas; which one and why? If not, then imagine a soap opera you’d like to see televised.

  2. What is the one language you wish you knew and why?

  3. What is(are) your favourite word(s)?

  4. Has your blog affected the people in your life? How?

  5. Do you think desserts should be eaten first?

  6. Do you believe the world can be divided into cat-people and dog-people?

  7. What/who makes you laugh the hardest?

  8. What’s the one song that can make you smile and why?

  9. Have you cuddled (or sent your cuddles to) your loved one today? *You know what to do if your answer is in the negative.*

  10. My favourite: Why did the chicken cross the road?


2. Premio Dardos

Nominated by Nimmi, Ruth and Faraday’s Candle. Thank you so much!




This is not a rule but since I have listed only sites run by women above I wanted to pass on this award to some excellent blogs run by MEN. Equal opportunity for ALL!

Some strong and lovely male voices I have come to admire,

(wRiting) Jamarow at Behind the Eyes

(Rambling) Derrick at derrickjknight

(Read-worthy) Dhruv at dhruvpartha

(Rocking) Akhiz at Akhiz Munawar

(Roaming) Jithin at PhoTrablogger

(Recklessly: too easy?) disconcerted72 at Recklessly Discreet

(Rhyming) Upen at VoiceURmind

(Reaching out) Suyash at Suyash Chopra

(Romantic) Chester at chester maynes

(Requisite) Geo Sans at Geo Sans

(Risk taking) Bryan at A Speculative Poetry Blog

(Reasoning) Nihar at Makeup & Breakup

(Riding) Dookes at Hogrider Dookes

(Realistic) TJ Paris at A ma vie de coer entier

(Researching) Prakash at Its PH

It’s been an absolute pleasure gentlemen. Thank you and good day sirs.


3. The Versatile Blogger

Nominated by PhoebePrakash and Saadia



  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  2.  List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate up to 11 other bloggers for the award.
  5. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them.
  6. Display the award logo on your blog.

Seven things about myself. (I have already listed them here in my first award – Very Inspiring Blogger – acceptance but I’ve decided to end this final acceptance with another 7 things for you to know about me)

a. My favourite cocktail is The Long Island Iced Tea.
b. I am a dog person but I will pet a cat very happily.
c. I still love it when my mother feeds me.
d. I cannot go an entire day without hugging someone or something tightly.
e. I think Biology is super duper cool.
f. I like collecting bookmarks and poster prints of paintings.
g. I recently shovelled snow for the first time and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

My nominees whom I admire because they don’t belong to a niche and make it look brilliant:

(Artful and heartful) Paula at freshpaula

(Gaining perspective) Nelkumi at What does nelkumi think?

(Simple living) Livingonchi at All About Being Human

(Multi-talented) Iva (or Ivy) at Ivy Mosquito – Liberating My Creative Soul

(Dreaming big) la chica de la barbuja at La Chica de la Barbuja

(Unsurpassable) Judy at lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

(Revolutionary) Hardi at Fifty shades of reality

(Reminiscing) Teresa at River of Life Flows

Adored, admired
Liked, loved
Shared, showered
Accolades, awards
Acknowledged, accepted
Bloglove, blogshare
Aiming, ageing
Gracefully, giving
Back, but
Final, formal
Thanking, thinking
Happy, humble
Feeling fortunate.

New Awards for the New Year – Part I (Virtual Blog Tour)

This year has started off with me being nominated by some exceptional bloggers for some wonderful awards. Although I am usually very uncomfortable when praised I would be completely amiss if I didn’t say I am very grateful.

You have hundreds if not thousands of blogs that you follow. You read, like and discuss many posts by talented bloggers apart from pushing out lovely posts of your own. With all this ongoing activity I find it incredible that you think of my offerings as worthy of notice; that somehow Another Voice spoke to you loud enough to be remembered when the time came to nominate a blog for an award. I come from the world of scientific publishing so I know how important peer-review is, which is what makes these blog awards so special.

I haven’t been as active in the community these past couple of weeks as I used to be since the poetry course I am currently enrolled in leaves me just enough time to push out a post or two a day. I do apologize for that and trust me – your continued presence and interest in Another Voice is so heartening.

Also, to all the new followers of this blog – Welcome! I haven’t been able to write to you in person (yet) but be sure that I will as soon as I can.

I am going to accept just one award in this post and acknowledge the others in a separate post tomorrow.


VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR I was nominated for this award by the talented poetess – Vonita, at Passion Through Poetry. If you don’t follow her already well then go on, correct that! Here are the rules:

  1. Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.
  2. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.
  3. Compose a one-time post on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).

1. I would love to nominate the following poets who have great sites worthy of your time and comments:

Andy at Aroil In Pain
Phoebe at Musings of a Puppy Doc
John at johnpoetflanagan
Ruth at I-read

I haven’t asked them to post anything yet and I don’t even know if they’ll accept but I wanted to share their sites.

2. Answers to questions about my creative process:

  • What am I working on at the moment?

I am currently enrolled in an online poetry course offered by Stanford Continuing Education. I am 2 weeks in and it’s been a steep learning curve. In the more broader sense I am currently working on my life. I am attempting to answer a major question: What do I want from my life? Writing helps me confront this and the many related but heavily loaded questions on an everyday basis. I haven’t yet written down my answers as I am still trying to find a structure within my thoughts but the process at least has started.

  • How does my work differ to others in my genre?

My work differs from others in the only way it can – it is mine! I write from a very personal space and find words that have multiple layers to them fascinating. Yes, I am in love with words. However, I cannot claim that no one else’s work reflects this. I have to point out that I am now beginning to distance myself from the speaker in my work and trying to be objective with my writing. I have noticed that that has helped improve my understanding of the issue. Also, importantly, on this blog – I am an amateur at everything and I don’t assume I know what I am doing. That helps a lot!

  • Why do I write/create what I do?

I want to call them brain worms. Instead of behaving like a normal infection that leads to cerebral impairment I find that these worms fortify the synaptic connections inside my head. I seem to want to write everyday about something/anything/everything. I don’t know what I am going to post when I wake up. I am inspired by a word heard or read, a photograph or my husband. Or just an invisible maggot of a thought that ends up becoming a brain worm. Once I write I feel complete. I feel the world is right. I am happy. Content is a BIG word  and I am scared to use it because one cannot become content when being creative I think.

  • How does my writing/creative process work?

I open my Macbook or a traditional notebook to a new page and I just put my fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper. Just that. I don’t know what’s going to come out. At times when I have to write an informative essay then I do my research, make notes and have a structure. Writing scientific papers/reviews this past 7 years has taught me a lot. But if it’s a personal essay just for the blog then I start writing – then structure – then edit – and then publish. I am not very rigorous but I am learning how to write more and write better and quicker. As for poetry I am still learning and all I can say is that I am a vessel for words. I have an image I want to portray and words materialise that help me say it. I then go on to tweak the order/structure where possible. Usually I don’t touch my poems. They are first drafts. Thanks to the Stanford course I am becoming more deliberate and it’s been highly instructive. As for photography – I really don’t know ANYTHING! I see things and I feel I need to remember them in that exact way because they made me feel something. I use a camera as substitute for my eyes and perishing memory; which is also why I don’t know how to edit a photo. But I am learning a lot thanks to all my wonderful photoblogger friends.

Phew! One down and a few more to go. I will post the rest tomorrow. I hope this post helped you understand me a bit better. I am very happy to have answered these questions. I urge you to go check out the websites of the four poets I have listed and hope you find them as enthralling as I do.

Letter to Googlers who happened upon my blog

Dear Google searcher aka Googler

I usually don’t get to see what brought you to my blog. You have strict privacy settings and I only get to stare into the abyss of ‘Unknown search terms‘, trying to decipher your intentions. Then there are days when something quite extraordinary happens: I finally get to see your trail of breadcrumbs. Such a fortuitous circumstance presented itself not too long ago and I snapped up all of its crumbly goodness,

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 23.57.43

At first I read it as how you intended to write it, with knotted eyebrows: “my CASUAL relationship is getting in the way of dating“. A legitimate worry surely but I have never voiced my concerns on such matters. I wouldn’t know what a casual relationship is to begin with. (Perhaps that’s what I have with my sock drawer.)

I think what you found on this site was my post on CAUSAL relationships (just as you had typed it). I don’t think it would have been of any help to you in case you were genuinely looking for help – in the area of dating. In any case I hope you found it interesting.

I am sad (but happy really) to say that I profited from any or all of your following issues which I infer led you to Another Voice that sweet day,

  • The choices you made in your personal relationship are weighing you down.
  • You are looking for possible solutions to key life questions on the internet because a friend requires a dialogue and you just don’t have the time.
  • You click on any odd site that Google throws at you just because it is Google and She can do no wrong.
  • You always google every funny one-liner you hear to make sure you heard it right.
  • You don’t know that you don’t type very well.
  • You think you type very well and hence don’t check for typos before hitting the Search button.
  • You know you don’t type very well and you intentionally leave in typos because that’s how you play ‘I’m Feeling Lucky‘ search option.
  • You like making honest mistakes.
  •  You want to make people you have never met very happy.

Well, you made me very happy indeed! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Please stop by again – anytime you wish. The site is open and friendly to friendly people.

Bests always,


PS: The Googler of the following search is also heartily welcomed back and this time I want you to explain yourself. Just a pick a post, any post, and explain yourself in the comments section.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 21.02.06

(Fireside Chat)

My Favourite Things, Verse 2

Continuing with My Favourite Things, as part of Cee's Fun Foto Challenge on things mentioned in songs.
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles,
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

As before I am posting photographs that I consider come close enough to what the verse lists,

1. Seeing Camargue horses run

Festival of Virgins, Stes Marie de la Mer, Camargue

My husband and I visited Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer, in the region of Camargue situated in the south of France, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in 2012. The town is famous as a pilgrimage destination for the Roma people. It is a lovely town with a unique history. You can read more about it here and here. We (unintentionally) happened to be there on the last sunday of July which is the day for the annual Festival of Virgins (Fête des Vierges). It was started in 1904 by Frederic Mistral, the great Occitan poet. It is a way to preserve the Occitan culture and lifestyle of the region and entails the running of the famous Camargue horses by the cavaliers (horsemen) from the region and young women parade around town dressed in traditional Provençal dresses. You may find them walking or looking majestic on the beautiful horses. You can catch a glimpse of these women in the picture above. The thunder of hundreds of horse hooves knocking on the asphalt of narrow streets in Saintes Marie that day filled the salty sea breeze with sweet and wondrous excitement.

2. Chocolate tart and Apfel Strudel at Café Diglas in Vienna

Cafe Sacher

Yes, I am remembering a Viennese café that is not Café Sacher. We went there as well but we fell in love with Café Diglas for its beautiful atmosphere. It had an ‘old Vienna’ feel. The interiors are marvellous and the café doesn’t attract as many tourists as Sacher. I am not a fan of the apple strudel as such but I have to say that the one at Café Diglas (the pie you see at the back on the photo) was delicious and went perfectly with the creamy Wiener Melange (oh how I love you!). The other tart (the one with the whipped cream on it) was most probably a chocolate cake. I don’t remember its name but I do remember it being divine! To be noted: Sacher torte is one of my favourite cakes of all times.

3. The church bells of Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral bells Seville cathedral bells

We walked up Giralda – the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral for the best views of the city of Seville. We weren’t disappointed! It took us 15 minutes and there were 34 ramps to scale. Phew! But you can always take a break in between at the little windows for some amazing views of the cathedral as you rise slowly above it. It’s well worth the effort. I fell in love with the bells at the top, that rang with the history of Medieval Europe.

4. I love swans

Swans Switzerland You can find swans in all lakes of Switzerland. They are territorial, hungry and always in love. I identify with them a 100%.

5. The Sound of Music is my favourite musical: The Tour continues…

gazebo, The Sound Of Music

Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg
Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg

The famous ‘I am Sixteen, going on Seventeengazebo was made just for the movie and the scene was shot in Hollywood. It was later presented to the city of Salzburg and is now kept in the gardens of the Hellbrunn Palace which is a very fun visit on its own merit.

Mirabell gardens, Salzburg

The Mirabell Gardens as part of the Schloss (Palace) Mirabell, in the city of Salzburg, feature in the ‘Do Re Mi‘ Song heavily. The wall of bushes you see encloses a path on which the kids and Maria have ‘a long long way to run‘.

Does the fountain look familiar in the picture below? It should. Watch the video of the song again and you’ll notice it in the last few moments of the song. In the last verse of the song the children and Maria run up and down the steps of a garden in line with the notes. Those steps lead to the Mirabell Gardens and we see the hill with the Salzburg castle towering over the city in the background. Mirabell gardens, Salzburg In the last verse of the song the children and Maria run up and down the steps of a garden in line with the notes. Those steps lead to the Mirabell Gardens and we see the hill with the Salzburg castle towering over the city in the background.

For the post on verse 1 please click here.

The Swiss sense of humour

Example 1: Swiss men are hilarious

A group of Swiss french-speaking men, from the canton Valais, were on a flight with us; returning from what appeared to have been a drunken boisterous company weekend in the south of Spain. This is what we overheard,

Man 1: I had my dog’s tail cut off.

Man 2: Why did you do that?

Man 1: I didn’t want my mother-in-law to find anyone happy to see her.


Example 2: Swiss cleanliness

Snowed in

We may bury your car under a ton of snow while we maintain our roads but we will always give you a shovel to dig yourself out!

Captured in canton Valais.


Example 3: Swiss town name

Bitsch please!
Need I say more?

A muncipality in canton Valais.


Example 4: My Swiss husband

Sam, why aren’t you writing down everything I am saying for your blog? I know I am being funny.

He is also from canton Valais. More of his genius ways can be found here.


Valais flag
Valais/Wallis flag. Now that we are married my Swiss canton of  origin also becomes Valais which, according to my biased study sample and opinion, may just be the funniest canton of Switzerland.
Post made as entry to A Photo A Week challenge at Nancy Merrill Photography blog.

My Favourite Things, Verse 1

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings:
These are a few of my favourite things.

The Sound of Music is my all-time favourite musical. It’s my childhood. It’s my introduction to Europe. It’s my love for western harmonics – until then I had known only nursery rhymes and Indian Carnatic music. It’s my adoration of everything Julie Andrews, which began my infatuation with everything English, that has now culminated in me loving everything United Kingdom.

So, when Cee started her Fun Foto Challenge on Things Mentioned in Songs with My Favourite Things featuring heavily in the series I could only ‘Wheeee’ like Liesl after Rolf kisses her.

Wheee. Source: Google images

Unfortunately I have no images of the actual articles mentioned in the song. But I do have some things close enough I suppose,

Raindrops on Passion flower.
Raindrops on Passion flower.
Roses are considered as flowers for passion so, why not an actual Passion flower I say?






The back of the Von Trapp villa, outskirts of Salzburg, Austria
The back of the Von Trapp villa, outskirts of Salzburg, Austria
The back of the stately home that served as the back of the Von Trapp family villa in the movie. I may not have any of Maria’s favourite things but one of those windows, we could suppose, belong to the room where the song was sung(?)

I am fighting my rational voice that’s suggesting that probably a movie set was used for the song. Shut up voice – let me dream!

We visited Salzburg last year and I couldn’t resist dragging Mr. Pink to the The Sound of Music Tour. It was an excellent experience! So much so that I find Mr. Pink whistling the soundtrack from time to time. His rendition of Edelweiss is rather good.

I will be posting more from the tour as the verses continue over the coming weeks.

Now go sing your favourite song. I am: Doe, a deer, a female deer…

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