Positive poetry / Happy haikus

Dark abyss invites;

Late summer sun high lights up

Leaves green glow yellow.

I chose this photo from my library for inspiration: a moment captured one summer evening in 2020, during a walk in a nearby forest.

I tried to remember how I felt at the time, what I felt, and why I took the photo. I felt happy, but a bit fearful of the oncoming darkness, when the sun would set behind the hill. I felt warm, but I also sensed a chillness slowly settling on the forest floor. I took the photo because the light filtering through the loose canopy was beautiful and romantic.

Now, as I started to write, distressing thoughts flooded my mind. I could only focus on the shadows and the green, mesmerizing depth – there could be anything lurking in there. The happiness, warmth, beauty, and romance did not come through. Only a clammy fear of the unknown remained.

Although this happens often, I’m trying my best to focus on all the good that life has given me. So that effort gave rise to the haiku above. I know you are there, Mr. Abyss, but not today. Today, I look upwards.

The scenery also gave me a sense of timelessness when I removed myself from the equation. I looked into the photograph, and realized that this moment was not about me or how I felt. I was reminded that it’s ok to be a spectator, to stand back and enjoy the amazing, inimitable show that nature puts on for us everyday. Growing up, over these past years, has meant being okay with not being in control. Thus, a second haiku,

Remains same the light –

Matters not if I capture.

Privilege is mine.

Happy thoughts for a happy new year. My best wishes to everyone. 🙂

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